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Who we work with

Supporting health innovation across NHS, academia and industry

Scotland is an entrepreneurial nation and SHIL is committed to working in collaboration with NHS, academia, industry and funders to encourage innovation and entrepreneurism across all areas of health.

SHIL has been working in partnership with NHS Scotland since 2002, holding a unique position in protecting and supporting NHS initiated ideas. SHIL also work together with partners to develop and validate new and innovative approaches to health and patient care. This includes assessing and supporting innovative ideas from those working outside NHS Scotland, such as students, members of the public, start-ups, SMEs and established companies.

By creating an open, receptive environment, SHIL helps translate ground-breaking ideas, wherever they originate, into viable products and services that not only improve patient care but generate a financial return for the NHS.

Review the support SHIL can provide to accelerate innovative health ideas across a range of groups. You can also review our selection criteria, submit an idea online, or get in touch with the team to confidentially discuss your idea.