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What we do

Delivering expert innovation services to NHS Scotland

Exploring funding opportunities

On meeting established criteria SHIL will fund your innovation through the process of research, development and commercialisation.

There will be occasions where outside funding will be necessary to make sure an innovation reaches its full potential and development of concepts and prototypes can be accelerated.

This will vary depending on the nature and ambition of the project. If required our team will manage the applications for funding, suggest the most appropriate funders to pitch to and tailoring applications to provide your innovation the best possible chance of receiving financial backing.

Within the UK, we work with a number of high-profile organisations such as Scottish Enterprise and InnovateUK, and when necessary can apply for funding at a European level.

We also have strong links with academia and with investors and funders of health and medical technology innovation.

"Enterprise and entrepreneurialism are at the heart of Heriot Watt University’s strategy and operation. We are focused on building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders across the Research, Knowledge Translation, Innovation and Partnership agendas. With Heriot Watt's proven expertise in areas such as robotics, the opportunity to collaborate with SHIL and the NHS in Scotland to develop innovative medtech and digitalhealth products that can improve patient care and help transform society is of huge significance."

Dr Gillian Murray, Deputy Principal (Enterprise and Business), Heriot Watt University 

"Healthcare innovation in Scotland is an important area of investment opportunity for LSIP. We have co-invested successfully alongside SHIL in the past and we look forward to further opportunities to support SHIL led spinouts from the NHS. SHIL is a significant player in the Scottish healthcare innovation landscape, both for NHS initiated ideas and also those emerging outside the NHS, and we benefit from the work it does."

Scott Carnegie, Chairman, London & Scottish Investment Partners  

"TRI Capital is based in the Scottish Borders but works with young companies throughout Scotland. We have an existing relationship with SHIL as a co-investor in Aurum Biosciences Limited, a company that  is developing a therapeutic stroke management drug with global potential. The strategic positioning of SHIL as a commercial interface between the NHS and the healthcare investment community is unique. The ability of SHIL to bring innovations to market in investor ready form and to help TRI Cap validate healthtech ideas that we see is of significant value."

Kathy Kinder, Investment Manager, TRI Capital

"Equity Gap is a group of private individuals set up to invest in and support emerging and growing businesses. The group are particularly interested in assisting young companies that have gone through a pre investment commercialisation process. The role that SHIL plays in the healthcare sector in bringing innovations of substance and scale to market in investor ready form is important to the Scottish entrepreneurial funding ecosystem. We value the unique position of SHIL as a two way interface between the funding market and the NHS in Scotland."

Jock Millican, Director, Equity Gap