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What we do

Delivering expert innovation services to NHS Scotland

A bespoke process for your innovation

Once funding has been secured for the project, our highly experienced project management team will guide your project through the development phase.

Project Management is a critical part of our work - time pressures can be one of the biggest barriers to bringing an idea or innovation forward. SHIL, therefore, use years of experience in developing ideas and creating successful commercial products to guide healthcare professionals through the entire development process, which may otherwise be impossible to balance with clinical and personal commitments.

Our team take care of the day-to-day management, working on behalf of the inventor to drive projects forward.

This partnership model is well established. NHS inventors value the ongoing support and as the only organisation set up to work in partnership with the NHS on commercialisation activity, inventors know their invention is safe with SHIL.
Depending on the nature of the project, the team at SHIL will source the most appropriate organisations and suppliers to support the development of your innovation – this could range from product developers, app developers and software developers to design houses, manufacturers and packaging companies.

We work closely with the organisation(s) chosen to develop your innovation from idea to finished product and act as the liaison point ensuring effective communication, regular updates and adherence to key milestones. Due to the inherently unique nature of each innovation, the development process is bespoke for each project.