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What we do

Delivering expert innovation services to NHS Scotland

Bringing new innovations to market

Commercialisation is our end goal. It generates revenue not only for the innovator but also the employing health board, generating vital funds for the NHS to reinvest in healthcare while simultaneously spreading improvements in patient care.

Put simply, commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product or idea to market – making it available for purchase from our online store, from licensed vendors or through company spin out.

There are three ways in which we would seek to commercialise an innovation:

Direct sale

As the name suggests, this is the most direct way for your innovation to be brought to market: sold to customers through our own online store. This way we collect 100% of the revenue, which is then divided per contractual terms.


Where it is deemed beneficial, SHIL will seek to license your innovation to other organisations and wholesalers. This gives them the permission to sell the product on your behalf, taking advantage of that organisation's large network of customers and their ability to promote the product. The licensees will take a part of the revenue for selling through their networks.

Spin out

If it is thought to be commercially viable, SHIL can assist in creating a separate company to develop, promote and sell your innovation whether this be a product or service: this is known as a spin-out, and is often determined by whether there are likely to be different iterations of the one product or where the innovator has a number of ideas for different products. The defining attribute of a spin-out company is that it must be self-sustaining: whether through making a profit through sales or from securing sources of funding from other organisations. If spin out is viable, SHIL will take a seat on the newly created company’s board, to best represent the interest of the supporting health board.