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What we do

Delivering expert innovation services to NHS Scotland

A culture of Innovation

We have over 160,000 people working in health and social care – that is a huge pool of ideas and innovations to improve patient care.

Innovation is ultimately about people and those best placed to devise new ways of improving patient care are usually those working at the heart of our health service.

Ideas can range from simple but highly effective devices such as our RhinoPinch through to complex data analysis platforms such as those provided by Aridhia. Staff within NHS Scotland are responsible for these and many more innovations – advancing our healthcare system with their creativity.

To support healthcare professionals across Scotland SHIL offers a clear, nationally supported, route to develop ideas and innovations.

NHS Scotland staff should feel empowered to look for new ways to improve patient care and identify innovation challenges; and when that idea is sparked whether it be during a routine consultation, in the operating theatre, in the laboratory or in any other environment, we are ready to provide guidance, support and encouragement at each stage of the journey.

Creating this positive culture of innovation across NHS Scotland and a systematic approach to supporting innovation will support more productive, scalable and sustainable ideas.

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