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What we do

Delivering expert innovation services to NHS Scotland

Driving innovation in healthcare

SHIL encourages ideas and innovations from healthcare professionals then uses well-established processes and extensive experience to assess, protect, develop and commercialise – working collaboratively each step of the way.

Translating innovative products from original idea to widespread adoption requires a range of skills, many of which are not readily available within each individual health board. Skills such as assessing ideas, product development and prototypes, protecting intellectual property, raising finance, building a business, sales and marketing. SHIL adds value to NHS Scotland as a dedicated, team working with healthcare professionals across the country to accelerate the development of ideas and projects to improve patient care.

SHIL offers a systematic innovation pathway and as the only organisation set up to work alongside NHS Scotland on commercialisation activity we provide confidence and reassurance to our health workforce, working to drive a culture of innovation across NHS Scotland.

  • Case Study

    SCRAM® 2.0

    An Emergency Airway Bag providing a structured approach to airway management when getting it right first time really matters, SCRAM® 2.0 forms a system of advanced preparation and organisation of equipment and drugs; promoting the delivery of safe, timely, and well-governed pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia.


  • Case Study

    Ambulance Child Restraint

    The development of the ACR® (Ambulance Child Restraint) is an innovative system for the safe, effective handling of young patients being transported in ambulances. It was developed by Scottish Ambulance Service and has now been widely adopted by Ambulance Services throughout the UK.