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SHIL teams up with Product Forge to sponsor Europe’s largest digital health hackathon

Digital Health Product Forge will take place from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 February in Edinburgh. It is set to attract over 300 health professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and technology specialists who will spend over 75 hours developing new digital health products and services.

Open to everyone from unlikely innovators to seasoned founders; the event brings together professionals who do not often have the opportunity to work together, exploring new ideas at the intersection of their disciplines. Tracks this year include Sports & Mental Health, Social Care, Emergency Medicine & Cybersecurity in Healthcare.

Product Forge are experts in open innovation and organising hackathons at a large scale. Previous successful hackathons include Medical Visualisation 2017, Public Health 2018 and Digital Health 2019. The 2020 event is set to be Europe’s largest digital health hackathon and SHIL will share real-world experience of developing products and the critical points teams must consider to move beyond ‘a great idea’ - from identifying customers, market size and route to market through to IP, regulatory implications and advantages over current practice or solutions already available.

Robert Rea, Head of Innovation at SHIL comments: “Product Forge is a creative playground, connecting people who do not normally have the opportunity to work together to identify and solve real health challenges. SHIL is passionate about taking innovative ideas and turning them into a reality, so Product Forge is an excellent way to share our real-world expertise with participants. We will be encouraging participants to think beyond the creative idea, towards the technical and commercial viability and offering support and mentoring throughout the event. ”

Allan Lloyds, Founder & Managing Director at Product Forge comments: “SHIL share our passion for nurturing entrepreneurial talent and working collaboratively towards a brighter future in health innovation. The team have added valuable insight, expertise and experience to our previous hackathon weekends and we are delighted to have them back on board for 2020.”

Supporting new approaches to innovation, now and into the future is a central part of the Scottish Government’s 2020 vision. It endorses doing new things, doing some things differently and working across NHS Scotland and with partners to achieve objectives. As a dedicated team working with healthcare professionals across the country, SHIL is committed to nurturing entrepreneurial talent, connecting with professionals across different disciplines, sharing knowledge and expertise, and building collaborations with key stakeholders across Scotland, all committed to driving improvements in healthcare.

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