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Accelerating growth, driving innovation

The unique role of SHIL is highlighted in Scotland’s new Life Sciences Strategy; Vision 2025

Accelerating Growth, Driving Innovation was published in February 2017 and sets out plans to grow turnover in the life sciences sector - which currently employs more than 37,000 people - to £8 billion by 2025, and make Scotland the location of choice for businesses, researchers, healthcare professionals and investors.

Our Innovation ready unified health service contributes to ‘Scotland’s Advantages’ and details the work of SHIL in supporting the development, protection and appropriate commercialisation of innovative ideas arising from health professionals.

This acknowledgement supports the aim of SHIL to be a driving force of innovation supporting a world class NHS operating at the forefront of global medical advances.

Commenting on the strategy, Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Energy and Innovation for the Scottish Government, said: “Scotland has a thriving life sciences business community and is a hub for world-leading expertise in the life sciences field.

“Our strategy sets out a vision of a successful industry that builds on our existing strengths to create high-value jobs and generate further sustainable growth.

“Growing the sector’s turnover to £8 billion by 2025 is an ambitious but achievable target, and I have been impressed again by the enthusiasm and the commitment from the industry members represented at the ILG.”

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