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MHRA launches consultation on the future regulation of medical devices image

Medical devices and diagnostics play a key role in delivering new products that benefit the NHS, the economy and above all, patients.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is inviting members of the public to provide their views on possible changes to the regulatory framework for medical devices in the United Kingdom (UK). They are aiming to develop a future regime for medical devices which enables:

  • improved patient and public safety
  • greater transparency of regulatory decision making and medical device information
  • close alignment with international best practice
  • more flexible, responsive and proportionate regulation of medical devices

The MHRA welcome the views of patients, medical device researchers, developers, manufacturers and suppliers, clinicians, other healthcare professionals and the wider public to help shape our future approach to regulating medical devices in the UK.

For any enquiries about the consultation, please contact

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