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Healthcare-associated infections represent a serious risk for patients, visitors and staff. As a result, the application of the correct procedures is essential to prevent the spread of infections and improve patient safety.

Odette Brooks, Critical Care Infection Surveillance Nurse at NHS Lothian collaborated with Focus Games Ltd and Scottish Health Innovation Ltd (SHIL) to address this issue with an innovative and enjoyable educational board game simulation.

The Infection Management Game offers a unique approach to staff training about the effective management of patients with suspected or known infections. It encourages groups of staff to work with relevant policy documents and improve their knowledge and confidence when managing patients and risk. The game is designed to work with ALL local, regional or national Infection Prevention and Control policy documents in printed or digital format.

Because it is increasingly difficult to release staff to training outside the workplace the game allows staff to organise training in the workplace at a time that suits them. In just 20-40 minutes players will explore a broad range of procedures and best practice to ensure they deliver effective infection management within their area.

Odette Brooks, Critical Care Infection Surveillance Nurse at NHS Lothian said:

"… minimising the risk of infection to patients is my priority. Ensuring robust knowledge and high standards of training for health professionals is essential. But I know time is precious on busy wards so I had the idea of creating a training resource that could be used within the workplace, in a short time with no need for travel, room bookings, catering or IT provision. I wanted it to be interactive, engaging and promote discussion, so decided to use care-based scenarios to support clinical teams learn, develop and maintain critical skills and procedures.

From this initial idea, I worked with NHS Lothian, SHIL, and Focus Games to bring it to life, and I’m really proud to now see the Infection Management Game launch. I’ve already received positive feedback from colleagues and health professionals and think this will be a hugely valuable training aid for staff across health and social care environments."

Fiona Cameron, Head of Infection Prevention and Control at NHS Lothian said:

"Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do in NHS Lothian and is the foremost priority in every department. This engaging training tool allows staff to develop their knowledge around infection management, consider their own responses and make the correct decisions within a safe environment."

Two teams that take turns to place patients with a suspected infection on the board. During the game they will learn about:

  • Understanding and applying local/national policies and procedures
  • Undertaking Infection risk assessment
  • Cleaning of environment and care equipment 
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Gillian Henderson, Head of Project Management at Scottish Health Innovation Ltd said:

"Robust infection prevention and control is a cornerstone of quality care and patient safety; so SHIL have been proud to work collaboratively with Odette and commercial partner Focus Games to protect, fund and support development of the prototype. The result is a dynamic, interactive, scenario-based game that will support effective delivery of infection control and management training, and demonstrates SHIL’s commitment to harnessing the talent, entrepreneurism and commitment of staff across NHS Scotland."

If you’d like to learn more about the game visit or follow the game on Twitter @InfectionMgmt


1. Further information and images available on request via

2. Pre order price £95 (exc.VAT); Game prices: £125 (exc. VAT)

3. Focus Games Ltd. ( has been making educational games for training and learning since 2004.

4. Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) – - works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise healthcare innovations to improve patient care.

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