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The Scottish Government Health and Social Care Delivery Plan published in December 2016 highlights commitment to innovation, improvement and accountability across the whole health and social care workforce to deliver a modern, safe and sustainable NHS of the future.

Supporting innovation across NHS Scotland and harnessing the talents of our health professionals is a key aim of Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL). Over 160,000 people work in health and social care in Scotland, they are the lifeblood of the NHS offering critical insights into ways of improving patient care.

The value of entrepreneurial talent within our health service is not to be underestimated - identifying, supporting and developing groundbreaking ideas, science and technology can help improve patients’ lives and transform the way we live.

SHIL have already supported the development of a range of ideas from simple but highly effective devices such as our RhinoPinch to stem nose bleeds, through to complex data analysis platforms such as those provided by Aridhia, and world-leading prosthetic technologies provided by Touch Bionics. Staff within NHS Scotland are responsible for these and many more innovations – advancing our healthcare system with their creativity, innovation and drive to improve.

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Shona Robison endorses this approach and encourages all staff to think innovatively, supporting our NHS on its ambitious journey of transformation.

Support to develop ideas and innovations is available to all health professionals - NHS Scotland staff should feel empowered to look for new ways to improve patient care and identify innovation challenges. When ideas are sparked, whether during a routine consultation, in the operating theatre, in the laboratory or any other environment, SHIL are ready to provide guidance, support and encouragement at each stage of the journey.

This systematic approach to supporting innovation, and the skills of the dedicated team at SHIL, supports more productive, scalable and sustainable ideas to support our NHS. Working in different ways, in new teams and across boundaries can ensure we achieve the aims of ‘better care, better health and better value at pace.’

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