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NHS Scotland Event - 20-21/06/17

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We're delighted that SHIL will have an expanded presence at the annual NHS Scotland Event, showcasing our services and successes across a variety of different formats over the course of the two days.

Exhibition stand

SHIL will host an exhibition stand, where delegates can find literature explaining our services and talk to a member of our experienced team about the role SHIL plays in encouraging and developing innovations within the NHS.

Stand numbers and floor plans will be announced in due course on the NHS Scotland Event website.

Poster exhibition

SHIL will present two posters focussing on the role that innovation has to play in improving patient care throughout NHS Scotland, and how we support the development and implementation of these innovations. The two posters presented throughout the event will be titled:

  • Supporting innovation across NHS Scotland
  • Transforming patient care through innovation

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and expand upon the themes presented in the posters with a member of the SHIL team who will attend the posters for the duration.

More information will be available soon on the NHS Scotland Event website.

Inspire, Innovate, Improve - Supporting Transformational Change in our Health Service - Parallel Session

Held across both days of the Event, this parallel session will allow delegates to hear first-hand from NHS Scotland inventors and be inspired by successful products and spin outs.  The session will demonstrate innovation as a core activity within NHS Scotland - the teams, processes and support available to accelerate ideas and innovations into viable products and services improving the quality and value of patient care.

The session will be chaired by Ricky Verral, Head of the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of the Scottish Government, and will feature:

  • Graham Watson, Executive Director, SHIL
  • Jim McGuire/Dr. Celestine Santosh, Aurum Biosciences (a SHIL spin-out company)
  • Andrew Fowlie/Scott Johnstone, Scottish Government/Scottish Lifesciences Association

Find more information on this parallel session on the NHS Scotland Event website.

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