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The landscape for health provision, both within NHS Scotland and globally, is in a seemingly perpetual state of change. Advances in clinical and technological healthcare mean people are now living longer than ever before, but this success brings its own challenges. As patients live longer, the cost of treatment over an extended period of time increases. As the population has aged, instances of more complex diseases and multiple health issues have risen. If NHS Scotland is to be ready for the present and future of providing healthcare, innovation within the service is a clinical and cost imperative.

Here we take a look at some of the key messages from our Executive Chairman of SHIL, Graham Watson as presented at the recent Inspire, Innovate, Improve – Supporting Transformational Change in Our Health Service session at the NHS Scotland conference.

What is innovation?

What is innovation - SHIL slide

Why is it important?

Why is innovation important? - SHIL slide

How does SHIL fit into this?

How does SHIL fit into this? - SHIL slide

What are the innovations most likely to transform healthcare in the next few years?

Innovations likely to transform healthcare - SHIL slide

There is a fantastic opportunity to place NHS Scotland at the forefront of healthcare innovation, and it is SHIL’s central mission to encourage the culture of innovation that will allow that to happen.

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