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As a champion for health innovation, SHIL works in partnership with NHS Scotland to move promising ideas and innovations into viable products to improve patient care.

With over 160,000 staff working across NHS Scotland we are fortunate to have not only a dedicated workforce providing high-quality healthcare across Scotland, but also a rich resource of ideas and innovations

Uncovering these transformational ideas, then using well-established processes and extensive experience to assess, protect, develop and commercialise is the role of SHIL - the only organisation set up to work alongside NHS Scotland on commercialisation activity.

Working collaboratively and building strong relationships with health professionals and Boards is critical to our work; so to better communicate SHIL’s commitment to innovation and offer greater access to our expert services, the role of Business Development Manager has been revamped to Innovation Manager.

Robert Rea, Head of Innovation, outlines the rationale:

“For over 15 years we have been working in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise healthcare innovations. This has not changed, but the innovation landscape has evolved dramatically over the last few years.

“The importance of innovation is highlighted in every recent strategy – this is hugely positive but it is also important to ensure SHIL’s position in this overall landscape is clear. Our Business Development team are often the first point of contact for many health professionals across Scotland, but the title no longer felt reflective of the overall innovation support offered by the team.

“Innovation Manager better aligns with our strategic aims at SHIL, the title is clearer and more accessible for health professionals who wish to get advice and support, and still stays true to our core remit which is to bring forward ideas and innovations that are going to bring greatest benefit to the inventor, health service and importantly patients”

SHIL are currently recruiting for an Innovation Manager to be based in the central belt.

What does an Innovation Manager (IM) do?

Innovation Managers (IMs) are responsible for identifying intellectual property from NHS Scotland staff. Once identified, the IM then evaluates the feasibility of the disclosure and produces proposals for further development where appropriate. IMs work closely with SHIL’s project management team to ensure that IP selected for further development has the best chance of successful commercialisation. The role also includes advising and educating NHS staff on innovation, raising awareness of SHIL and SHIL activities across NHS Scotland and implementing strategies to maximise the engagement with NHS staff, including participating in events and presenting SHIL to clinical audiences.

How do I get in touch with an Innovation Manager?

Innovation Managers are embedded within the local health boards – you can get in touch directly or contact us at

Do you have an idea for innovation that could benefit patient care?

We strongly recommend you read the SHIL selection criteria before submitting your idea. You can also get inspiration from our existing commercialised products or spin-outs.

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