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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to an unprecedented change in the NHS.

Whilst there has been significant and very welcome progress in suppressing COVID-19 across Scotland, the virus remains an ever-present threat and we now live and work in a very different world.

The NHS has changed, and so the way the SHIL team engage and support colleagues also needs to adapt.

Opportunities to meet in-person, whether that be at an event or on a hospital site, remain limited; but within our new virtual world, the SHIL team can still share expertise, the experiences of NHS inventors, case studies of NHS led innovation and offer practical advice and support in modern, accessible and safe ways.

Plans are underway to launch a new SHIL virtual innovation hub, hosting a selection of on-demand video content designed to support innovation across NHS Scotland.

Graham Watson, Executive Chairman at SHIL comments: “Like all organisations, SHIL is continually adapting and thinking about how best to deliver our vital innovation support. A wealth of knowledge and expertise resides within the team. Considering new opportunities to translate this expertise into accessible digital formats that engage our stakeholders and help support and encourage Scottish led innovation is vital.”

A range of advice and support is already available via the SHIL website; however video content is becoming an ever more popular and important way to reach and engage audiences. Around 85 per cent of consumers want to see more video content, and 97 per cent report it helps gain a better understanding of products and services (HubSpot, 2020).

With in-person contact limited for the foreseeable future, video offers a way to bring the experience and advice of the SHIL team to life in a more engaging medium. Our new national virtual platform will complement existing web content and enable wide sharing of support across the innovation community.

Fiona Schaefer, Innovation Manager at SHIL comments: “In recent months, I’ve missed sitting alongside and chatting through ideas with NHS colleagues across Fife, Borders and Lothian; or speaking at team or department meetings. I’m looking forward to using this new hub to maintain existing relationships across the innovation community, while raising awareness of the innovation support available via SHIL. I think it is important for innovators to get to know the SHIL team and hear first-hand about their experiences and expertise. This new hub offers a way to do this when in-person contact is limited.”

The virtual innovation hub will be an evolving, collaborative platform. To ensure it can be developed to meet the needs of the community in an optimal fashion, please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.

More information

  • The virtual innovation hub will offer access to all areas of SHIL expertise - IP, regulatory, assessment of ideas, product development and funding
  • Collaborative videos with organisations and teams across the health innovation landscape will be encouraged
  • A mixture of live and on-demand content, in varying formats can be supported and will be guided by community feedback
  • The platform will be a national resource with the ability to share videos and useful content locally through innovation hubs, health boards and supporting organisations

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