Patient Transfer Scale

A revolutionary solution for weighing immobile patients

Key Features

  • Invented by Gillian Taylor, former Emergency Department Nurse, NHS Lanarkshire
  • Revolutionary transfer board with inbuilt weighing scale
  • Weighs immobile patients instantly and accurately during lateral transfer
  • Improves patient safety and saves time
  • Portable and simple to use
  • NAWI Class III Approved and Class I Medical Devices Directive Approved
  • UK Patent, with patents pending in Europe, USA, Canada and Hong Kong
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Medication must be administered quickly for conditions like stroke and sepsis, and obtaining an accurate patient weight is critical for dosage. The PTS was designed to address the needs of patients admitted to hospital who are either too sick to stand on scales or are immobile offering significant benefits:

  • improves patient safety and saves time – staff can weigh a patient quickly and accurately, and administer the correct medication dosage with confidence
  • simple to use – working in the same way as a traditional patient transfer method minimises training needs
  • proven effective – the scale is NAWI Class III Approved, Class I Medical Devices Directive Approved, and has been tested in over 30 hospitals, with multi-disciplinary teams using the product and providing feedback
  • portable – the scale can be taken to the patient by a single member of staff, minimising disruption for the patient and saving staff time

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Media coverage of the Patient Transfer Scale:

  • Gillian Taylor, Inventor, Patient Transfer Scale

    "When working in the Emergency Department a child came in with injuries to his legs. Pain control was difficult as an accurate weight was required to support treatment. Patients with sepsis faced a similar issue, with rapid weighing needed to ensure an accurate dosage of antibiotics.

    "I had the idea of transforming a plastic transfer board into a set of scales which would transfer and weigh the patient simultaneously. I thought this would already be invented so did not take it further. However, later when working in practice development for stroke, where the ‘door to needle’ for thrombolysis is crucial, it became clear that weighing patients was still cumbersome and time-consuming. I knew getting an accurate weight quickly could save lives, so with the support of SHIL I put my idea into action."

    Gillian Taylor, Inventor, Patient Transfer Scale
  • Graham Watson, Executive Chairman, SHIL

    "The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) is an exemplar of front-line health professionals identifying new, more efficient ways to improve patient care. By accelerating the speed at which time-critical medications can be administered it offers significant benefit in the treatment of stroke, sepsis, pain management and other conditions whereby a standing weight measurement cannot be achieved. Through close collaboration with Gillian, the inventor; NHS Lanarkshire and Marsden, a leading manufacturer of medical weighing scales, the PTS has been developed from an idea into a viable, commercial product ready for launch later this year.

    "It is testament to the rich resource of ideas and innovations across NHS Scotland, and as the only organisation set up to work with NHS Scotland on commercialisation activity, SHIL are very proud to have supported this revolutionary new product."

    Graham Watson, Executive Chairman, SHIL
  • Research & Development Manager, NHS Lanarkshire

    "Getting an accurate weight quickly can help save a life. We believe that the Patient Transfer Scale will have huge benefits for patient outcomes. This is the first time NHS Lanarkshire has worked through this process and we are grateful for the support we received from the Chief Scientist Office Scotland, Scottish Health Innovations Limited and Marsden. We are very proud of Gillian and of the part we played to help turn her idea into a tangible product. Hopefully this will inspire other NHS staff to identify opportunities and make them aware that support is available to make them a reality."

    Research & Development Manager, NHS Lanarkshire