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Health innovation

Helping NHS Scotland stay at the forefront of medical advances

Innovation is the key to delivering a new model of healthcare that meets the challenges and expectations of modern society

Doing the same things we have always done, in the same ways we have always done them, is no longer an option. The convergence of a number of dynamic forces—new and emerging technologies, new ways of connecting people and new ideas from around the world and across sectors—is creating exciting opportunities for breakthroughs in how health problems are solved. It is now possible to do old things in new ways and to try completely new things that weren’t possible before.

“Medical advances mean there are a vast number of treatment options that just weren’t available even a decade ago”

Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health

When properly targeted and applied, innovative ideas and technologies can transform patient care within the NHS.

Many of the products and companies formed by SHIL have helped deliver better patient care while simultaneously improving quality and efficiency, releasing savings through increased productivity.