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Health innovation

Helping NHS Scotland stay at the forefront of medical advances

Innovation is the invention, development, production and use of products, medicines, therapeutics, approaches and supporting services which create the opportunity to make major improvements to health and healthcare.

Innovation is an exciting leap forward. Sometimes it is the result of brand new knowledge, but more often it’s an experimental change or the combination of existing ideas and experiences. In essence, it improves upon something that came before or fixes a problem that needs a solution, and whether small or incremental, large or disruptive – it’s all about change.

Within healthcare innovation this could range from a medical device, a piece of technology, software or service offering – there really are no boundaries. People and organisations are always creating new ideas, services, and products and adapting old ones to fit their changing circumstances and NHS Scotland is no different.

Innovation also comes with questions - if the new things are so great, then how do we help everyone to get them?

SHIL supports this by working in partnership with NHS Scotland to move promising ideas and innovations into viable products and services to improve patient care. We encourage new ideas from health professionals across Scotland and work with them through each stage of the innovation pathway.