CardioPrecision has developed an innovative and patented technology that allows clinicians to perform minimally invasive intervention through a short transverse incision to the neck. Key benefits include much less pain and faster recovery than current approaches. Secondary benefits may include reduced blood loss, lower rates of transfusion/infection and much shorter hospital stay. The technology aims to provide both improved clinical outcome for patients and economic savings for healthcare providers.

CardioPrecision’s Single-Use CoreVista® Retractor and CoreVista® Accessories allows cardiothoracic surgery to be performed through a short incision in the skin crease of the neck.

CoreVista® technology has been used to implant structureless valves into the aortic position. The HD monitor, which is conspicuously positioned directly above the incision and covered by a sterile disposable monitor drape, provides the surgeon with a magnified view of the operative field.