Based in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University hospital and central Edinburgh, Aridhia was founded by Dr David Sibbald, a software entrepreneur and philanthropist, and Professor Andrew Morris, the former Chief Scientist for Health in Scotland, Professor of Medicine, former Director of the Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, Vice-Principal of Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, and Director of Health Data Research UK.

Aridhia’s multidisciplinary team of data scientists, information governance specialists, computer scientists, software developers and healthcare experts delivers research services across the UK and Europe, working collaboratively with the NHS, research organisations, life sciences companies, IT service providers and patients to transform clinical research into clinical practice.

AnalytiXagility, the company’s cloud-based data analysis platform, is a secure, self-service platform built to enhance the way researchers in biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare environments access and analyse data.

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