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With its rich clinical heritage, Ambicare Health Ltd has developed a portfolio of wearable light sources for medical and consumer healthcare applications as the result of pioneering work undertaken at the University of St Andrews and Ninewells Hospital Department of Dermatology.

Ambicare has developed two distinct product lines. Ambulight PDT and LUSTRE ClearSkin are both clinically proven and convenient to use, for the treatment of specific dermatological conditions: non-melanoma skin cancer and acne.

Ambicare’s patented platform technology allows the user to ‘wear’ the light delivery device, enabling the treatment to be delivered safely and conveniently. The patented mechanism delivers improved end results through consistency of the light delivery to the skin.

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  • Graham Watson, Executive Chairman, SHIL

    “It is great to see the Lustre Pure Light™ featured on BBC – consumer feedback is always essential when developing innovative new products, and it is positive to see an NHS supported idea developed into a commercial product that can improve patient experience of acne treatment.”

    Graham Watson, Executive Chairman, SHIL