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Products & Spin Out

Driving improvements in the quality and value of patient care

Products supporting improved patient care

Harnessing the talent, entrepreneurism and commitment of staff across NHS Scotland and providing a systematic approach to innovation supports more productive, scalable and sustainable ideas. Since 2002, over 1700 innovative ideas have been submitted to SHIL by healthcare professionals across the spectrum of disease and medical background. Following our innovation pathway and working collaboratively with colleagues across NHS Scotland, SHIL has: 

* Successfully developed and commercialised a variety of products and technologies available to purchase via SHIL and selected licence partners

* Helped form 6 new spin-out companies

* Successfully negotiated 25 commercial license deals with companies both within the UK and internationally

* Protected the Intellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright and Design Right for over 250 NHS inventions

Fostering and supporting the spread of healthcare innovation has the dual benefit of improving patient care and stimulating economic wealth; whilst supporting Scotland’s vision to become a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation.